Study progress

Follow-up questionnaire

During 2017 and 2018 we asked participants to complete our first follow-up questionnaire to find out how their mobile phone use, health and lifestyle had changed since they joined the COSMOS study.  The online follow-up questionnaire is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who filled it in.

Updated website launch
As you may have noticed, the entire COSMOS website has now been revamped! The online home of the study now looks modern, sleek and new. We have also redesigned the site so it is easier to navigate, and information is easier to find. Finally, there is also brand new content across the site. Why not explore now and let us know what you think?
Cohort profile paper published

The team have produced a new paper reporting on the most important part of the study: Our participants. Published in November 2015, the paper explores the formation and make-up of the cohort in detail, including statistics on location, gender, ethnicity, obesity, health and well-being and mobile phone usage. The paper describes the study’s aims and research methods, including the scope of the data collected and the importance of data linkage to routine health registry records and network operator mobile phone use data.
For an in-depth look at the cohort, the paper is available here: ‘Cohort profile: ‘Cohort profile: UK COSMOS—a UK cohort for study of environment and health’

Paper published
The first UK COSMOS paper was published in July 2015 and is now available to read online. Based on our own experiences of the UK COSMOS cohort, this paper sets out the do’s and don’ts for today's cohort studies and provides a guide on how best to take advantage of new technologies and innovative methods to simplify logistics and minimise costs.
If you’re interested in how the study was created, this paper is a must-read. Following the inception of the study, it explores some of the challenges faced in establishing a cohort from scratch, including how to balance the need to maximise recruitment in the setting of time and budgetary constraints.
This paper is available here: 'How to Establish and Follow up a Large Prospective Cohort study in the 21st Century - Lessons from UK’

Mobile Phones in the News

The New York Times, 1 January 2016 ‘At C.D.C. a Debate Behind Recommendations on Cellphone Risk’
01 Jan
The Guardian, 29 March 2013 ‘Electrosensitivity: is technology killing us?’
29 Mar
BBC News, 21 October 2011, ‘Mobile phone brain cancer link rejected’
21 Oct
Al Jazeera, 17 May 2010, ‘Phone-cancer link ‘inconclusive’
17 May
Financial Times, 23 April 2010 ‘Study to assess health risk from mobile phone use’
23 Apr
BBC News, 22 April 2010, ‘Study to probe mobile health risk’
22 Apr
The Guardian, 22 April 2010, ‘Health of 250,000 mobile phone users to be tracked’
22 Apr
Reuters, 22 April 2010, ‘Biggest study on cellphone health effects launched’
22 Apr
Independent, 23 April 2010 ‘Study to examine cancer risk in mobile phone use’
23 Apr


Since the UK COSMOS Study launched in 2009 we have issued several e-newsletters to our participants to provide updates on the progress of the UK COSMOS Study and the international COSMOS Study. We look forward to sending further e-newsletters to help keep our participants up to date, and previous e-newsletters can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the links below:
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