Why are we conducting this research?

Following the publication of the Stewart report by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones in 2000, a programme of research, called the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHR), was set up in the UK to look into the possible health impact of Mobile Telecommunications. The most recent report from the MTHR concluded that:

“...short term (less than ten years) exposure to mobile phone emissions is not associated with an increase in brain and nervous system cancers. However, there are still significant uncertainties that can only be resolved by monitoring the health of a large cohort of phone users over a long period of time.”

“The Committee is convinced that the best way to address these uncertainties is to carry out a large cohort study of mobile phone users, an approach that has also been rated as a high priority by the World Health Organisation.”

Download MTHR 2007 Report.

The UK COSMOS study, previously funded by the MTHR (an independent programme of research into mobile phones and health that was jointly supported by the Department of Health and industry), is now jointly funded by industry and government under the Research Initiative on Health and Mobile Telecommunications (RIHMT), and is managed through the Department of Health’s Policy Research Programme. The aim of the study is to carry out long term health monitoring of a large group of people so that we can identify any possible health issues linked to using mobile phones over a long period of time.

Download the COSMOS Scientific Summary of Research.

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